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How To Mack  - Flirting and Dating Tips

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Every dude wants to be the mack daddy, the guy in the club with all the women, the guy whose phone is always blowing up. But how do you get there?

A few rare dudes are born with it. I won’t lie to you. A small percentage of these men just have it going on, naturally. It seems like no matter how they dress, no matter how they act, no matter what they do, the women all love them. Hey, I’m not going to bitch about it, it’s just the truth. Kudos to those guys.

More men pose as the mack daddy, spending all their money, trying to act like a baller, like a big shot. And, to a certain degree, that behavior might get a certain amount of results. But it’s short-lived. The minute your cash runs out, you’re done. Like those old blues lyrics say, “In your pocket, not one penny / And as for friends, you don’t have any.” So that’s the problem with trying to buy your way to mack status.

The more lasting way to change your life is to study the mack, live like him, in sort, be him. This transformation is the way I came up in the game.

I wasn’t someone who was naturally successful with women. And I didn’t have the budget to splash around cash to impress the ladies. So I worked hard, read all the books, took all the courses, and spent night after night in the field. I’m here to share my lessons, so you can learn how to mack on girls, without the pitfalls that I fell into.

Here’s how to mack, and how to do it quickly and effectively.

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