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How To Mack  - Flirting and Dating Tips

How to Mack and Be Good At It

Do you want to be a mack? The type of guy who can say just about anything to any girl and just have her even more interested in you? What if I told you that there weren’t any tricks or gimmicks involved in becoming a mack? That it was just some simple things that any man could learn how to do?

You can learn how to be a mack and start making it happen for you tonight. That’s how easy it is. It’s just a matter of knowing what to do, like repairing a car or baking a cake. So how do you become the ultimate mack that you’ve always wanted to be? Read on for protips on how to mack and be good at it.

Take Stock of Your Current Situation

What’s your current mack status? Are you trying to mack on women but failing? Are you just not mustering up the courage to even start talking to them? Or are you to scared to walk up and start a conversation? Are you enjoying mixed success with your mack game, where you’re able to talk to some women and get dates but you’re failing miserably with others? How are you doing with the women that you really, really want to make inroads with? What do you think is holding you back?

You need to be radically honest with yourself in your quest to be five-star mack. It’s only by appraising your current situation that you can start moving out of it and in a new direction.

Set Your Macking Goals

Part of learning how to mack is setting goals. Why do you want to learn how to mack and be good at it? Is it because you want a girlfriend or do you just want to go on lots of dates? What types of women do you want to mack on? Answering these questions up front will help you to narrow down your approach and let you know how you’re going to mack.

Make your goals attainable, but also ones that will require a bit of stretching on your part. If you never talk to women, start by making a goal to talk to a certain number of women every night. If you’re talking to them, try and get their numbers. If you’re getting phone numbers, aim for ending the night by getting at least one kiss.

Macks Know Attraction Triggers

When it comes knowing how to mack on women, you’re going to need to know the attraction triggers that will make her want you. The best thing to do is find ways to try and flip these attraction trigger switches in groups. That’s the mark of a man who really knows how to mack on women. The attraction triggers are:

  • Confidence: You need to show confidence to get her attracted to you. There’s a reason that women like a confident men more than any other: Because confident men, by the very virtue of their confidence, are easy to be around and uncomplicated. If you’re not a confident man, there are ways for you to start learning how to be.
  • Connection: Women want to feel like they have a connection with you, beyond just the fact that you think they’re hot. Listen to her, talk about common interests and show her that’s there’s something between the two of you. That’s how you mack.
  • Excitement: What separates the macks from the mack wannabes? Excitement. If you’re the man who can make her tingle a little bit, make her heart flutter, get her on edge — in a good way — you’re the type of man she’s going to be falling all over.
  • Purpose: A mack is more than just a mack. He’s a man who has purpose and drive in his life. What are you doing with your life? Where do you want to be in five years? How are you planning to get there? Having the answers to these types of things is important for more than just a job interview. It’s the type of thing that a woman you are macking on might want to know.
  • Chemistry: Chemistry is a word for sexual tension and you’re going to need to create it. Otherwise, you’re likely to end up in the friend zone. Once you’ve triggered the first four attraction switches, it’s time to ratchet up your game as pertains to making things more sexual. Keep on flirting, but make things more overtly sexual.

This isn’t a checklist that you have to attack in order. Just allow conversation to flow naturally while introducing these elements into the mix. That’s how you get her interested and that’s how you mack.

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The Clothes Make the Mack

In the movies and television shows, the mack daddy with all the womens is always dressed to the nines, with gators on his feet, and lots of gold handing off his fingers. Think of all the pimp costumes you see each year. But in reality, you don’t have to look like Don Magic Juan to be a mack.

USA World's most famous Pimp

Now, while the Bishop indisputably cuts an impressive figure, not everyone is like him. He certainly an extreme case of wardrobe selection. So don’t try to copy the macks you see. Instead, take elements of their style and use it to suit your own situation.

There is a concept in the pickup artist community called “peacocking” where the goal is to get all eyes on you. This attracts the attention of everyone in the room. But it doesn’t have to be a green and gold suit with pimp cup like our man Don Magic Juan. It can be more simplistic elements.

The Jewelry of the Mack

As one expert named King Flex points out, jewelry isn’t quite as showy as it once was. He advises you to just use a little something that sparkles. A nice watch, or maybe a nice cuff links. “Women have a natural attraction to things that glitter, and jewlery helps you send a message that you have something of flair to your personality.

It is important to have a identity story behind your signature pieces of jewelry. If you wear an interesting ring, be prepared to tell the woman how you picked it up in a street market while traveling through Africa. Or, if you have a cool necklace, be sure to share how your sister made that for you, or something similar. The point is to use your jewelry as a starting point for a conversation and to convey some of your personality.

The Shoes of the Mack

The importance of shows cannot be overestimated, because it projects confidence. As King Flex states, “To a mack, the shoes are the most important part of his clothing ensemble.” So choose wisely.

Keep this one rule in mind, and you can’t go wrong: If you are not actively engaged in an athletic endeavor, then do not wear high tech sports shoes. If you’re ballin’ on the court, fine. But if you’re doing anything else, leave the sports shoes at home.

About This Page

Every dude wants to be the mack daddy, the guy in the club with all the women, the guy whose phone is always blowing up. But how do you get there?

A few rare dudes are born with it. I won’t lie to you. A small percentage of these men just have it going on, naturally. It seems like no matter how they dress, no matter how they act, no matter what they do, the women all love them. Hey, I’m not going to bitch about it, it’s just the truth. Kudos to those guys.

More men pose as the mack daddy, spending all their money, trying to act like a baller, like a big shot. And, to a certain degree, that behavior might get a certain amount of results. But it’s short-lived. The minute your cash runs out, you’re done. Like those old blues lyrics say, “In your pocket, not one penny / And as for friends, you don’t have any.” So that’s the problem with trying to buy your way to mack status.

The more lasting way to change your life is to study the mack, live like him, in sort, be him. This transformation is the way I came up in the game.

I wasn’t someone who was naturally successful with women. And I didn’t have the budget to splash around cash to impress the ladies. So I worked hard, read all the books, took all the courses, and spent night after night in the field. I’m here to share my lessons, so you can learn how to mack on girls, without the pitfalls that I fell into.

Here’s how to mack, and how to do it quickly and effectively.

Learn How To Mack

learn how to mackLook around at any Halloween party and notice just how many white suburban men dress in pimp costumes. There are dozens and dozens of them, shy software testers, accountants, dentists, and other normal run-of-the-mill men mock-strutting around with a cane and a pimp cup.

The pimp costume is so popular because it’s the opposite of how most men feel around women. In real life, the average guy gets nauseous at the prospect of kissing a girl at the end of a first date. So he envies the pimp’s confidence, the pimp’s swagger, the pimp’s consummate knowledge at how to mack.

You probably feel this way yourself, scared to kiss a woman, or unable to make a move even though all the signals are there that the time is right.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Neil Strauss was a quiet, shy, passive reporter who transformed himself into the world’s greatest pickup artist. He then launched Stylelife Academy to teach thousands of men how to mack like the most confident pimp, golden chalice not necessary.

If you find yourself getting rooted in place, unable to act when the moment is right, keep the following strategies in mind:

How To Mack Tips

1. Escalate Physical Contact

Pickup artists use the term “kino” to describe physical contact between men and women. There are thousands of different acts that would be considered kino, everything from a simple pat on the back to a full-on make-out. When you go for a kiss at the end of the night should not be the first act of kino. This will seem abrupt and intrusive.

However, if you gradually escalate your kino throughout the interaction with the woman, then the temperature will rise slowly and organically. If you playfully touched her early in the evening, then held hands later, then put your arm around her later still, and then go to kiss her at the end of the night, the situation has had a chance to build and rise and a romantic interlude will seem inevitable. Whereas if you ignore all physical contact for six hours and then amateurishly lunge for a kiss at the end of the night, you’ll seem clumsy and awkward.

2. Kiss Closes

There are tons of strategies for getting a kiss and having other adventures. These are mechanisms that greatly increase your chance for success. And they frequently run counter to what the average guy does every night. For example, would you believe that biting a woman in a bar can be a very effective way to introduce some romance into the night? Or that a woman refusing your kiss doesn’t have to be a bad thing? Neil Strauss’ Stylelife Academy offers effective and concrete strategies on these and many other topics.

But the point here is that there should be a method to what you’re doing with women. If you find yourself scared and nervous and unable to make a move, it’s because you don’t have a technique. That imaginary pimp you dressed up at Halloween does. He knows how to mack. You can to. And you won’t be breaking the law either.

3. Handle Last Minute Tension

For centuries, society has told women to tame or ignore their sexuality. While men are applauded for their sexual conquests, women are expected to remain virtuous and chaste. So “last minute tension” may appear where a woman fears what her friends might think if she leaves the bar with you or if she goes outside with you.

The average guy begs and pleads at this point, making her uncomfortable and making himself seem weak and sniveling. Or, he caves in completely and quickly ends the interaction like a pilot ejecting from a burning plane. But the mac daddy? He knows he has options so he doesn’t push the scenario.

To counter act last minute tension, simply agree with the woman to stop. You’re not worried and you’re not concerned. By doing this, you are respecting her initial concerns while also demonstrating that you have other options and aren’t going to lose sleep over this.

There are other ways to reduce last minute tension that you can employ throughout the evening like venue changes and introducing a woman to your house at the start of the date.

In short, you don’t have to remain rooted in fear and apprehension at the idea of kissing a woman. You can have the confidence and swagger of the pimp. You can learn how to mack. There is a system. There is a way.

Are you ready for the field? Then take this 30-second Pickup Artist Quiz and find out how good you are with women:

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