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How To Mack  - Flirting and Dating Tips

The Clothes Make the Mack

In the movies and television shows, the mack daddy with all the womens is always dressed to the nines, with gators on his feet, and lots of gold handing off his fingers. Think of all the pimp costumes you see each year. But in reality, you don’t have to look like Don Magic Juan to be a mack.

USA World's most famous Pimp

Now, while the Bishop indisputably cuts an impressive figure, not everyone is like him. He certainly an extreme case of wardrobe selection. So don’t try to copy the macks you see. Instead, take elements of their style and use it to suit your own situation.

There is a concept in the pickup artist community called “peacocking” where the goal is to get all eyes on you. This attracts the attention of everyone in the room. But it doesn’t have to be a green and gold suit with pimp cup like our man Don Magic Juan. It can be more simplistic elements.

The Jewelry of the Mack

As one expert named King Flex points out, jewelry isn’t quite as showy as it once was. He advises you to just use a little something that sparkles. A nice watch, or maybe a nice cuff links. “Women have a natural attraction to things that glitter, and jewlery helps you send a message that you have something of flair to your personality.

It is important to have a identity story behind your signature pieces of jewelry. If you wear an interesting ring, be prepared to tell the woman how you picked it up in a street market while traveling through Africa. Or, if you have a cool necklace, be sure to share how your sister made that for you, or something similar. The point is to use your jewelry as a starting point for a conversation and to convey some of your personality.

The Shoes of the Mack

The importance of shows cannot be overestimated, because it projects¬†confidence. As King Flex states, “To a mack, the shoes are the most important part of his clothing ensemble.” So choose wisely.

Keep this one rule in mind, and you can’t go wrong: If you are not actively engaged in an athletic endeavor, then do not wear high tech sports shoes. If you’re ballin’ on the court, fine. But if you’re doing anything else, leave the sports shoes at home.

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